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Why Veterinary Practitioners dismissed Wajackoyah's plan to export snake meat and hyena testicles.

The Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UVPK) are against Wajackoyah's plan to export snake and hyena's meat as well as the hyena's testicles if he becomes president.

The UVPK Secretary General Dr. Miheso Mulembani addressed this situation saying that this would harm the country's wildlife which we struggle to protect to an extent of these animals going extinct.

"The Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UVPK) is pertubed at the level of political talk that is likely to cause harm to animals." Dr. Mulembani said.

Another reason as to why the UVPK is against the trading in these animals is because of the possibility of an outbreak disease like COVID-19 or other diseases associated with animals such as rabies, brucellocis, leptospirosis and yersiniosis.

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected the world and it originated in Wuhan market in China as a result of trade in animals products.

"Furthermore Wajackoyah's proposal to trade in snakes and hyena testicles is a recipe for another pandemic owing to spill over of viruses, bacteria and parasites from hyenas and snakes in the wild to human beings." DR. Mulembani added.

Mulembani however urged Wajackoyah to talk to them before making some decisions like these.

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