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The Death Of LAYERS And How To Avoid It

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It is so confusing when poultry farmers generalize broilers and layers. a lot of farmers are facing a great loss because they think all poultry is the same. without good management and feeds, it is guaranteed that poultry farmers will not make a profit as expected.

as a poultry farmer who feeds layers you need to be careful with what you fed layers, it is recommended that layer mash should be supplied to your poultry adequately. layers will stop laying if they don't get the required diet especially calcium minerals.

inadequate supply of water will lead to unbelievable loss because your layers will be so thirsty and poor digestion will lead to diseases, hence low production of eggs and sometimes they will stop laying completely.

Bad weather requires poultry farmers to build conducive housing for layers otherwise they will not lay. others will die of diseases in a muddy environment

dark nest is also good, otherwise, some birds will peck and eat eggs, farmers are therefore required to observe the above advice and they will be assured of harvesting more eggs than courtesy;

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