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"That's a Bad Omen,"- Reactions as This Photo of an Owl Beside a Hospital Bed Surfaces Online


Owls are birds of the order Strigiformes birds of prey with a broad head adapted for binocular vision and binaural hearing. Most traditional African beliefs and cultures have portrayed Owls as bad animals considered as bad omens in the society. Most cultures consider owls as unclean and undesirable frequently associated with witch doctors. There are some people who still live in the myth that Owls are a messenger of death, hence the hooting of an owl means that someone will die.


There is a photo of an owl at a hospital bed that has surfaced online in which the patients are alleged to have walked out and gone home. It is like they feared for their lives because of the myths they have heard about owls and so they had to flee.


Kenyans on social media have expressed different reactions towards the above photo that has surfaced online in which they pointed out about the effects of the bird in the community.

Do you believe that owls are bad in the society?.....Share with us your views in the comments section and follow me for daily updates.

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