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Meet The Military Rat That Served Its Country For Five Years, Won Medals And Has Now Retired

Following five years of tracking down landmines and unexploded arms in Cambodia, Magawa is retiring. 

Magawa was born in Tanzania in November 2013. 

The African monster pouched rat has been the best rat trained and overseen by a Belgian non-profit, APOPO, to discover hidden explosives and alert its human controllers so the explosives can be securely eliminated. 

Magawa the "hero rat," whose work is tracking down landmines in Cambodia won him a medal for life-saving bravery, is retiring after a distinguished five-year career.

"During his famous five-year profession, Magawa's work has straightforwardly saved the lives of men, ladies, and youngsters who were affected by hidden landmines and other lethal leftovers of war," APOPO said. 

In the same way as other rat species, the African monster pouched rat is easily raised and responds very well to training. Its sense of smell has been demonstrated to outclass even the absolute best of dog breed counterparts. Furthermore, in contrast to bigger creatures, the rats are light enough that they can try not to trigger any mine they go over. 

The African giant pouched rat has found 71 landmines and 38 items of unexploded ordnance during his service, according to APOPO, the mine-clearing non-governmental organization that trained him.

A year ago, Magawa won the UK's PDSA Gold medal, which might be compared to the George Cross, an honor that had recently been won by dogs.

"Albeit still healthy, he has arrived at a retirement age and is beginning to get tired," Apopo said of the rat. "The time has come."

Hats off for this rat. What can you say about him? Drop your comments below.

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