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Just How Many Kilograms is a single Lions Slap; Amazing Facts About The Lion.

The lion is known as the toughest animal in the jungle and the the most feared as well. They are also ranked among the most successful hunters in the animal kingdom.

One thing that makes them more successful in hunting their prey irrespective of the size of the prey is the energy that they possess on their forelimbs. A single slap by a lion is equal to 110 Kilograms.

With this amount of energy, they are able to bring down to the ground a buffalo of around 450 Kilograms. They also use this energy to hold still the prey as they wait for support from the rest of the pride.

Another trait that enhances their prey hunting is the high speed that they possess. A lion can accelerate at a speed of 83 kilometres per hour, but only for a short distance. This explains why they opt not to hunt gazelles which are faster than them and can hold on for loner distances.

Their style of hunting which involves stocking their prey against the wind direction gives them an added advantage over the prey they are predating on. This is because they tend to catch the prey by surprise and very unprepared.

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Lions Slap The Lion


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