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How to kill mosquito naturally

So, as opposed to dousing your self with DEET, and spraying dangerous chemical substances to your lawn, attempt those safer, all herbal alternatives.

Kill Mosquitoes Without Harmful Chemicals.

1.Clean Up Standing Water Eliminate status, stagnate water.

Look for status water to your gutters, gardens, hen baths, and planters. Empty if possible. Discard such things as planter trays due to the fact they acquire water.

2. Scatter Dry Granulated Garlic Scatter dry granulated garlic in trouble regions. Some of the worst regions are round trash cans and with inside the tall grass borders, which are usually moist. Broadcast at 2 lbs in step with one thousand sq. ft. in beds, turf, pots and plants.

Dry granulated garlic can repel mosquitoes for as much as 4 weeks. Spray With Garlic Spray grownup mosquitoes with garlic spray or garlic-pepper tea. Using garlic sprays can repel mosquitoes up to fourteen days. After spraying, your vicinity can have a sturdy garlic odor, however it is speedy fades and is properly really well worth it.

3.Use Natural Herbs as Repellents

Use mosquito repellents that incorporate herbal herbs together with aloe vera, citronella, vanilla, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and citrus oil. These actually do paintings properly and are to be had at your herbal grocery store.

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