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Confidence Tricks only Alpha Males Know

In a troop of Gorillas, there can only be one leader. It is usually the largest and strongest gorilla in the troop. Similarly, human beings operate in the same way. Every group has a leader. Even if it is not said by anyone, it is recognized by everyone in and out of the group. Below are some of the traits an alpha male posses to keep his sport at the top of the group.

Comfortable with confrontation

When an issue arises, it is expected that the alpha will not only take on the challenge but be victorious as well. An alpha male is able to deal with a confrontation unemotionally. Be able to deal with absurd remarks with a higher level of absurdity.

Control the frame

As a leader, you will be met by a lot of people trying to bend the power dynamic to benefit themselves. Be able to take any situation and bend it to fit into your frame. Do not let anger or emotions take the center stage. Be the one to control the narrative.


No matter what happens, be always two steps ahead. Be able to put everyone at ease. Have complete serenity in your decision and be confident to carry it out to the end. Always trust your decision and convey it to your followers.

You do not have to be the strongest to be an alpha male. Possess the ability to calm down and relax during a confrontation. Think about your next move and always be two steps ahead of everyone.

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