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Kalenjin Proverb Disapproved after an Elephant did this in Samburu

Wise sayings were majorly used in Kalenjin community to pass an important information especially when a secret message is Passed. Old men were considered teachers who passed this wise sayings to the youth.

Today, it seems to have marked an end of a popular Kalenjin saying which says, "Oo Beliot amie saram" Which translated to however big an elephant is, it cannot sire twins. According to a post shared by a popular Kalenjin dialect journalist Joshua Arap Sang on Facebook, an elephant that was reported to had sired twins in Samburu National Reserve seem to have disapproved this Kalenjin proverb.

The wise saying was actually used to warn those with pride of being above others in authority that not all the things that they are able to do. It said that it is an historic thing among the Kelenjin that no elephant has ever sired twins. Here are some of the photos of the elephant with its twins.

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Kalenjin Oo Beliot Samburu


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