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The Wild Animal Known to Commit Suicide After its Partner Dies

The way of the wild is largely to do with conquest and the strongest to survive as opposed to cunning and wit for survival for many animals.

Picture courtesy. Dik Dik.

For antelopes, these animals are used to sticking together for survival and this is usually advanced by the fact that they are many in the wild.

One of the smallest antelopes, is the Dik Dik and instead of staying together in large herds for survival, this animal has chosen a totally different path for their survival.

Their gestation period is around 169-174 days which is roughly 6 months. An adult Dik-dik is the height of 16 inches at most with the weight of 15 pounds at most. Which makes them probably smaller than a the average domestic dog.

Picture Courtesy. Dik Dik.

Don’t take them for pets though, they are a rare breed.

In the wild, a male will attract more females if they are strong and aggressive as opposed to the one that is weak and feeble.

The Dik Diks however, choose a mate for life and they stick together as partners for as long as they live in the wild.

Dik Diks stay as couples in the wild. They stay together till death do them part. The male dik-dik sends away the male young ones as also the female dik dik sends away the female young ones.

Picture courtesy. Dik Dik.

As to the remaining pair, they stay together, have other young ones throughout their lives. If by bad luck, one of them dies due to any wildlife related circumstance, the remaining one becomes very much suicidal.

The remaining one can even surrender to a predator due to loneliness. This is what is termed as suicide in the wild and these small animals full of love have been known to do this time and time again.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this interesting fact about the small antelopes.

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Dik Dik


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