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How are zebra camouflaged to escape from their predators?

Zebras are single-hoofed animals that are native to Africa and are very closely related to horses and donkeys.They have excellent hearing and eyesight and can run at speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour. They spend most of their time out in the open grazing.At first sight,a zebra’s stripes may not look so efficient to help the animal hide from predators;but still,they do prove themselves to be effective weapons of camouflage in many ways.

zebra’s stripes blend in with the wavy lines of tall grass around it.Most predators that hunt zebras,like lions are color-blind, so they can’t distinguish between the zebra’s lines and those of the grass.Thus,a zebra that is standing completely still in its surroundings may be overlooked by a stalking lion,and that is what gives zebras the full advantage.

Also when zebras congregate together as a herd,the pattern of each zebra’s stripes blends in with those of its congeners,thus confusing predators that see one single mass rather than many individual zebras.This causes predators to find trouble in focusing on one Zebra.In addition to this, usually,when placed in a herd that is under attack,the speed and vibrancy of the Zebras running in different directions cause confusion to predators over where each Zebra starts and ends.

But some are not always lucky,A lion may target those zebras that are grazing by themselves.This gives the predator higher chance of catching it's pray.

Zebras defence from predators is to run rather than hide.Thank you.

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