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Boost your egg laying rate of indigenous hens using commercial eggs with this easy tricks

Checkout this tricks of keeping both Indigenous and commercial hens. Every farmer should know this trick

Poultry business is the most profit making business that every farmer can depend on for a living. This is because the hens can be used for production of eggs which when sold can earn you a lot of money. A farmer can also choose to use the eggs for hatching chicks instead of selling them. This is also another source of income since chicks can be sold at very good prices immediately they are hatched. A farmer can also choose not to sell the chicks and feed them untill they are full grown and sell them at higher prices.

A full grown chicken can earn up to four times the prize of a chick depending on the weight and breed type. The most common type of chicken breed many farmers prefer is the indigenous type . This is because they are easy to keep as free range poultry or in a backyard system depending on what the farmer prefers.

Free range poultry is a type of rearing where the chickens are allowed freedom of movement. They move inside a well fenced compound to protect them from predators such as hawks. This method is more convenient for a farmer since the chickens look for food by themselves in the farm.

Backyard system is where a farmer builds a good poultry house and keeps the chickens inside. In this type the chickens are not allowed to move outside the house. This is because the farmer provides for them enough food and medication inside the house.

However, both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of free range chickens

1. Chickens in free range look for their own food since they have freedom of movement.

2. They grow faster since they eat different varieties of food in the gardens.

3. The hens take care of the chicks till they are fully grown.

Disadvantages of free range chickens

1. Disease control is hard. This is because they easily get infected by diseases since they are free to move and mix with other infected chickens.

2. Their egg laying rate keeps changing since they look for laying places by themselves.

3. Predators feed on them easily if they move outside the protected and fenced area.

Advantages of backyard system

1. Disease control is easy because they do not mix with other chickens from outside the house. A farmer can examine them on daily basis which makes it easy to detect a sick chicken. Incase any bird falls sick it is issolated from other untill it heals.

2. Their eggs is not lost since they lay their eggs inside a brooding box. This way the farmer can increase the number of chicks quickly and increase the size of the poultry business.

3. The farmer can benefit a lot from their waste. This is because the waste can be collected inside their house everyday and disposed in the farm as manure.

Disadvantages of backyard system

1. It requires a bigger space. A farmer is required to construct a big poultry house that will accomodate big chickens and small chickens. The house should be divided for brooders, chicks and roosters to reduce cannibalism and egg eating behaviors. It will also give space for chickens to feed and move freely inside the house.

2. Chickens develop new behaviors by copying what they see other chickens do inside the backyard system. This can be easily understood if you watch chicks after hatching as they learn how to eat and drink water by watching their mother. Other chickens will copy bad behaviors such as egg eating and cannibalism.

Egg eating is a behavior of chickens eating their own egg or other chickens eating another chickens eggs. This behavior is mostly seen when a farmer feeds his chickens with feeds that are of low quality. This feed lacks nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Cannibalism means chickens eating other chickens. This behavior mostly comes as a result of underfeeding. Underfeeding is giving your chickens food that is not enough leading to them feeding on other chicken to reduce the hunger.

3. Diseases spread quickly. This is because when one chicken is affected by diseases such as Newcastle it will spread quickly from one hen to another. This can be because of congestion whereby a farmer puts a large number of chickens in a small space.

4. Backyard chickens eat a lot of food. This is because they are not given the freedom to move around and look for their own food.

5. Medication is expensive. As compared to free range these chickens need regular vaccinations and medications to protect them from diseases, termites and stress. This is because they stay indoors throughout.

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