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3 Main Pests Which Can Cause Serious Damage To Cabbage Crop And Their Suitable Control Methods.

Pest is a term used to refer to any creatures that damage crops, livestock, and forestry or cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes.

Cabbage is one of the most cultivated vegetable crop used for human consumption. It is associated with several pest which if not controlled at the right time, there would be a severe damage and loss.

Farmers should be well acquainted with major pests of cabbage, damages they cause and appropriate method of controlling them.

The major pests that are associated with cabbage include the following;

1. Diamondback moth.

This moth lays eggs on the underside of the leaves, eggs hatch into larvae. The larvae feeds on the leaves, they make windows or holes on the leaves. The attack is serious during warm weather.

They can be controlled by; spraying appropriate insecticides e.g Carbaryl, use of resistance variety e.g Drum head, reduce nitrogen application and intercroping with non susceptible variety e.g spider plant.

2. Cabbage sawfly.

The adult sawfly lay eggs on cabbage leaves, eggs hatch into larvae which are oily, black or greenish in colour with a swollen part just behind the head, which makes them appear humped. They look very similar to caterpillars. They eats the leaves.

Can be controlled by use of appropriate insecticides for example, Malathian.

3. Cabbage aphids.

The pale green aphids covered with light dust of mealy powder, eats tender leaves and developing shoot.

They have waxy layer which does not allow wetting action of the insecticides to control it. Use dust and spray of some insecticides like dimethoate. Wood ash can also be used.

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