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Why Rabbits Bury their Young Ones Alive

The animal world is full of bad parents. Some leave their children with other families, others leave their young ones to dies, and some abandon their offspring right after birth. Rabbits Bury their offsprings underneath for reasons we are about to figure out.

Rabbits bury their babies to protect them from predators. But a question arises. Don't they run out of oxygen? The mother rabbit covers them down and later uncovers up, and no one suffers. The point is, when covering the hole, the rabbit leaves small air pockets so that air circulates freely and young ones don't suffocate to death.

Does this strategy work against predators?

Baby rabbits are virtually odorless, unlike adults. Therefore, babies hidden in a burrow are much safer, unless a predator accidentally stumble upon them.

Rabbit feeds her young ones once a day and rarely keeps visiting them to avoid attracting predators' attention. Their scent and presence near the babies can result in nasty consequences.

Moreover, if one baby dies, the mother eats it. This is to clear any smell that may arise from the rotting body and attract predators.

Burrows made by rabbits have several entrances and exits to help the rabbits escape In case of emergency. Burrows helps to regulate temperatures since young rabbits are fragile.

Changes in temperatures, either up or down, can be fatal to the young ones. To keep the burrows warm, the mother covers it with her fur and uses grass and leaves to hide the babies.

However, despite all this protection and sometimes ingenious solutions, many newborn rabbits die before they make to their first birthday.

In the first four weeks, about 40% of the newborns die. And in the first years, of the first years, the percentage rises to about 90%. This why made them breed constantly to prevent them from extinction.

A video of mother rabbit uncovering it's young to feed them.

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