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The Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Deep in the seas, there live creatures which most people do not have an idea of their existence. In this article, we are going to explore the most terrifying creatures that live deep in the sea.

1. Faceless Cusk EelThe faceless cusk eel usually lives in a depth of 12,910 to 16,732 feet of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its mouth is located on the downside of its ugly head making it one of the most terrifying sea creatures. The creature does not have visible eyes just some holes in the front side of the head.

2. The Goblin SharkGoblin shark lives at the bottom of the sea and is characterized by its long snouts. With its 50 sharp-looking teeth, it's one of the most terrifying creatures,s, and nobody would like to face such a creature at any moment. These creatures are usually between 6 and 11 inches long.

3. Blob FishBlob fish is the ugliest sea creature if not the ugliest of all. This creature can be found in the deep waters of the Indian Oceans, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean at depths of 9,200 feet. The creature is able to change its appearance when it's in water and it does not have bones.

4 The Giant IsopodThis deep-sea animal can grow up to two feet in length. It has a very scary appearance making it very terrifying. They feast on other deep-sea animals that are already dead.

5 HagfishHagfish are found deep below the surface of the sea at about 5500 feet and they consume dead carcasses since they don't have jaws.

6 Spook Fish

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