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The decline of fish in Lake Solai

In the early days of the year 2019, the county government of Nakuru in conjunction with Solai ward member of county assembly took a step and decided to put fish fingerlings in the lake which is a salty water lake located along Solai-Subukia road.

This was done after several years of research on the lake on survival of fish and other aquatic animals including crocodile.

A few months later, after the project was done it led to huge harvest of fish which led to huge econimocal development in the area it also provided food for the residents.

In the year 2021, the number of fish has been seen to decline and it has been hard for the to harvest the normal number of fish which they used to harvest in the year 2019 and 2020 respectively.

I interviewed one of the fishermen and asked him what could be the reasons for the decline, he said that it might be the flamingoes who by one way or the other may be feeding on the fish. He also said that it has been four months without rain which affects fish reproduction,he also added that they are hoping that fish increase because they had decided to depend on the lake to earn a living.

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Lake Nakuru Solai


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