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Photos of Very Weird Animals

The world is home to a different kind of animals. We know most of them since they are easy to see in parks and zoos. But did you know that there are still more animals who exist with weird looks.

Here are some photos of them and thier names.

1. Tarsiers

Found only on various islands of southeast Asia including Philippines. Tarsiers are intermediate in form between lemurs and monkeys, measuring between 9- 16 cm long excluding a tail of about twice that length.

2. Harpy eagle

With a look that's suggest a cross between a cockatoo and bird of prey, the harpy is eagle is one of the most distinctive animal in the world. They hunt down large mammals like sloths and monkeys.

3. Coatimundi

A very bizzare sight in most of the United States. The coatimundi is a common species in south and central America that can occasionally be seen in the American Southwest.

4. Naked mole Rat

Naked mole Rat is a common sight in East Africa, where they burrow into the dry grassland of Ethopia, Somalia and Kenya. They have baffled scientist for decades thanks to a series of unusual biological traits.

Do you know any more animals with weird looks.

Share your with me in the comments section.

Thank you.

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