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Do This Simple Thing to Your Pit Latrine Every Year And it Will Never be Filled Up

Almost every Kenyan rural areas uses pit latrines for the disposal of human refuse. However, the latrines are sometimes associated with environmental problems when they get filled up. Since there are no human waste disposal sites or services in most rural areas, the home owners always dig new pits closing the filled up ones. However, the process of digging up new pit latrines is not only time consuming but also costly. Well do you know that your latrines refuse can be managed or greatly reduced with just a simple task? This is how.

Well, 99 percent of human refuse is bio-degradable. This means that this refuse can be broken down into simpler products that are friendly to the environment. Mix 2 table spoons of yeast in 5 litres of luke warm water. Add 250g of sugar. Stir and let the mixture stand for 1 hour. Pour it into a pit latrine which still has 4 cubic metres of empty space. Repeat this once a year. Your latrine will never be filled up unless you pour in toxic chemicals which kill yeasts.

This simple process works behind scientific facts. Just like it is used in the process of making ethanol, yeast is used to break down the human refuse into carbon dioxide, methane, water and other organic compounds. The breakdown greatly reduces the mass of the refuse creating enough space.

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