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The Only Tallest Tree In Kenya Of All Tree Species

The tallest tree in Kenya is the Mutunguru tree.This tree is found in Karingani location in Tharaka Nithi county with an height of more than 80 metres.This Mutunguru tree is believed to be more than 200 years old.The tree is probably the second tallest native tree in Africa after the Entandrophragma Excelsum of Tanzania which is the tallest tree in Africa.

The stem of this tree has a diameter of 3 metres and the tree itself is visible as far as 39 kilometres away.Because of it's visibility from far place,the tree is mostly used by many as a landmark to tell the direction mostly by those who visit the place.This Mutungururu tree is believed to worth more than 500,000 thousand Kenya shillings if harvested for timber .

Visitors from far and within the village mostly visit the tree while residents around the village believe that the ancestral spirits lives around the tree thus needs to be fully taken care of.This tree also plays a big role like attracting rainfall bearing clouds and also breaking strong winds which can blow away roof tops of houses.

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Kenya Mutunguru


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