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Did You Know That These Were The Most Affectionate Wild Animals Towards Humans On Planet?

Nature has made some of the wild animals to come close with humans for affections. Some of them visit humans, not for hunting or preying, but to interact with humans for a mutual exchange of affection.

Some of them are very affectionate towards human population and even make dedicated and loving pets.

1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees represent one of our closest living relatives, sharing about 98 percent of our genetic DNA.

Just like humans, chimpanzees laugh together, form social groups and use tools to achieve goals.

We have almost similar physical structure, have complex emotions and intelligence, and they can also get involved in games and plays.

2. Elephants

Elephants are very social animals and seem to demonstrate that with humans.

Both humans and elephants have complex social lives and family structure. Both love, protect, and nurture family members and educate their young ones with skills and knowledge they need to survive.

Most people who keep elephants have become more friends with their elephants.

They are very protective to their human caretakers and enjoy hugging by wrapping their truck round humans.

3. Cats

Cats are popular pets over the world that are also known to be more affectionate to humans.

A cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hz which cannot only lower stress but it can also lower blood pressure, help heal infections and heal bones.

Cats are being used in some therapy cases to heal patients with anxiety, depression and other mental phobias.

Cats recognize their owners' voices.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits are very loving, social animals and they make good pets with humans.

Rabbits have a very positive impact on humans, they can improve our cognitive, emotional and physical health.

They love to spend time with their humans and can get lonely and depressed without human interaction.

They recognize their owners by voice and sight. Rabbits can respond to commands by their owners.

5. Horse

Horses can form companionship attachments with humans.

They learn to associate certain signals like attention and emotion with certain positive or negative outcomes.

Horses are very loyal to their masters and can show affection by rubbing their heads or showing an interest in playing with them.

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