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The Most Dangerous Lake In The World

Lake Nyos is the deadliest lake in the world. It is located in northwestern Cameroon, sits in a crater on the edge of an inactive volcano in the Oku Volcanic Field. A pocket of magma lies 80 kilometers below the surface. The lake itself fills a circular maar, formed when groundwater meets hot magma and explodes.

More than 5 gallons of carbon dioxide were dissolved in every gallon of water. Lake Nyos was a time bomb. It is unknown what the trigger was but it's said may have been a landslide, small volcanic eruption, or even something as small as cold rain falling on an edge of the lake. Whatever the cause, the result was catastrophic.

On August 15, 1984, a similar carbon dioxide, "eruption" occurred thirty kilometers away in Lake Monoun, killing 34 people. Investigators from the U.S. concluded that this event was from the carbon dioxide-rich bottom waters being overturned by a landslide, an earthquake, or abnormally heavy rains. It has claimed a lot of lives and this makes it to be the deadliest lake.

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