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Prevent Your Poultry From Getting Sick By Doing The Following

1) Keep the Poultry House Clean.

On a regular basis clean, disinfect and scrub the house. It prevent bacterias from building up in the house.

2) Change the Litter.

Whenever you want to place a new flock in a poultry house change the litter. This is because the new flock may not be exposed to the disease that the old flock was resistant to.

3) Isolation of new bird.

Be very careful when adding new birds, Chickens need to be quarantined for two weeks. You will get a chance to detect a disease in your new flock and it will not affect your old flock.

4) Do not allow Visitors in your farm.

Most importantly if they had contact with other birds make sure they are not wearing the shoes, clothes or any other item they had in other farm. This is because they do transfer diseases.

5) Learn more about vaccinations.

Always contact the veterinary doctor for more advice concerning the poultry diseases. If your area is prone to diseases please vaccinate all birds.

6) Proper disposal.

Disposal of dead bird is a Key if you dispose anyhow the dead body will attract insects that may transfer diseases from the dead to the flock you have. Burn or dig a hole to dispose dead bodies.

7) Create a sick bay.

If you note a sick bird isolate it in the sick bay and call the veterinary doctor for more assistance. This will prevent the rest of the Flock from getting sick.

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