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Painful Moments in the Wildlife

In Kenya, the journey across the Mara by wildebeests is often characterized by battle for survival between the crocodiles and the wildebeests and zebras. It is always a painful view when the rest of the flock of enables to escape only for a single zebra or wildebeest to be held by the reptile. At times, they cross successfully only t be caught when they are just about to hit the dry land. The jungle works on the principle of survival for the fittest. The weak can stay without food and end up dying if they are unable to hunt for their meals. At times, they successfully hunt for food only to be driven away from their hard earned food by stronger preys of other species. The most common animals are the hyenas who are fond of invading a feast searched by other animals.

At times, predators get merciless by attacking newly born preys without ability to run, eat or even defend themselves. It is very sad that one is born and the first thing that they come across is death.

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Kenya Mara


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