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3 Types of Tears You Probably Didn't Know About

Crying is one of the ways of showing your emotions and it is usually accompanied by tears. Tears are very beneficial to our eyes because they lubricate and clean the eyes. Some people think that crying is only for babies and women, but the truth is, even adult men also cry depending on their emotions. 

Here are three types of tears you probably didn't know about.

1. Crocodile tears

These type of tears are not genuine and are used to express false sadness or regret. These type of tears are called crocodile tears because of the myth a crocodile only cries when it is devouring its prey.

2. Emotional tears

As the term goes, emotional tears are the type of tears that are produced when one is full of emotions. They are mainly produced when one is weeping, mourning, stressed, angry or in pain. They normally express negative emotions.

3. Reflex tears

Have you ever chopped onions and you started crying? The kind of tears produced when slicing onions are known as the reflex or irritant tears. They are given the name irritant tears because they protect irritant substances from entering the eye.

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