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Meet 4 Largest Oceans Creatures That You Have Never Seen Before.

There are many creatures in the ocean that research has not yet found them. But the truth is that, the creatures do exist thou in different parts of the oceans. The distribution of these creatures have been influenced by certain factors, for example the climatic factors.

Here are some of the largest creatures in the oceans:

1. The blue whale.

This is the largest animal in the oceans. Its heart is like the size of a vehicle. The thump extends to about 12 miles.

2. Whale shark.

It is the biggest fish in the ocean, then followed by others.

3. Lion's mane jellyfish.

This is the longest fish. It's limbs extend to about 120 feet in length. They are known to get tangled in marine trash. When they contract, they become helpless against hunters with a preference for jellyfish arms.

4. Japanese spider crab.

It has leg range of north of 12 feet. It is an arthropod in the oceans.

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