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Check Out This Amazing Snake Which Has The Ability To Fly.

Chrysopelea is a species of snake which is most commonly known as the flying snake or gliding snake.

These snakes belongs to the family Colubridae, they are venomous but their venom is not that much toxic as it is dangerous only to their small prey.

These snakes are mainly found in South Asia(Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos). They are able to climb trees using ridge scales along its belly helping it to push against the rough surface of tree trunks allowing it to locomote vertically above a tree.

When these snakes reach the top of the tree, they continues to move until its tail remains dangling from the end of a branch.

These snakes then make a "J" shaped bend before it leans forward for them to select the level of inclination they wish to use to control its glide path and as well as selecting a desirable landing ground they wish to land.

After they decide for a desirable landing place, they then propel themselves by thrusting their bodies from the tree by sucking in their abdomen and flaring out their ribs.

The combination of forming a C shape when they flatten their abdomen and the ability of making a motion of lateral undulation in the air makes it possible for these snakes to glide through the air.

Gliding through the air saves them energy of crawling on the ground and helps them to evade earth bound predators.

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