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Use these 3 herbs to prevent your Chicken from falling Sick

Most climates support herb growth. They don't need additional fertilizer and grow in most soils. Chickens eat herbs naturally. Chickens will pick the herbs they need to keep healthy if allowed to free-range in the herb garden. Annual herbs and flowers are good for humans and hens. Aromatic and strong in antioxidants, put them outside the chicken fence so fowl may serve themselves without damaging the roots. Calendula, marigold, and parsley increase the color of fresh egg yolks. Garlic and nasturtium enhance blood flow and vessel growth.Chickweed

Chickweed contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, silicon, and copper. When chickens consume chickweed, it may boost their health and produce nutrient-rich eggs.

Nasturtium benefits on chicken

Nasturtiums are resilient once planted. They can withstand roaming chickens. Nasturtium leaves and flowers contain vitamin C and iron. They encourage laying and deworm naturally.

Stinging nettles.

However, stinging nettle is an excellent provider of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for your hens. If you want to test whether or not your hens will eat it, you should first offer it to them in its fresh form. In that case, you may need to simmer it down, similar to how spinach is cooked, or dry it out beforehand.

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