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Why Wildebeest Need Zebras in Their Migration Across Mara River

Every year about 1.2 million wildebeest, over 200 thousand zebras and few antelopes cross the Mara river to Serengeti national park searching for greener pastures. These animals are driven by a strong instinct to follow the rains. They are ready to fight all the forces of nature to reach their destination.

WWhy wildbeest may not suceed in their migration without zebrasildebeests see a thunderstorm on the horizon and go towards it. They are aware that the grass they eat grows after the rains.

While crossing the Mara rivers, hundreds of wild beast die. This is due to strong water current and attack by predators.

Wrong direction

If you thought that wildebeest choose the safest proven route every year during migration, then you are mistaken. Back in 2007 about 10,000 wildebeest lost their lives because they started crossing the rivers in the wrong side. This wouldn't have been the case if the victims were accompanied by zebras.

Wildebeests migrate over long distance, but they need zebras to maintain a safe route. Zebras have an excellent memory, which allows them to pick the right path and guide the wildebeests along it.

Therefore, zebras spotted in among a confusion of wildebeests is not lost. They have a vital role to ensure the herd maintains the right track.

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