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The Cost Of 1Bag Of Human Poo Fertilizer Revealed As A Factory Is Commissioned

The county Government of Vihiga intends to be the first county in Kenya to produce and sell human poo fertilizer.

The government has already commissioned a project that will process cheap fertilizer from human waste to cushion famers against high prices of artificial fertilizer and boost agriculture.

The KSH 17 million wastewater treatment facility will at the same time deliver a clean environment.

The plant that is located at Ehedwe, on the outskirts of Mbale town will process human waste of up to six exhausters per day.

According to the county director of water and sanitation James Odero, waste-turned-fertilizer would be sold to famers between KSH 300 to KSH 500 per bag in a plan he noted has good returns.

The donation of KSH 17 billion was received from water Trust fund with KSH 4 Million going into construction of toilets for neighboring households to make the raw material available.

"Through this project, we will clean human waste from toilets and then process the sludge into fertiliser that will be sold to farmers for between Sh300 and Sh500 per bag," Mr Odiero said adding that it will give back returns spent on the project.

He projected that 50 cubic Meters of of waste will be cleaned everyday which translates to six exhausters.

The construction of the project was started in 2020 and has taken only two years to complete.

It's worth noting that the normal artificial fertilizer costs over ksh 5000 per 50 kg bag without government subsidies.

Do you think the fertilizer will be popular with farmers? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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