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Soak Tobacco in Water and Use it to Kill Pests in Your Farm

Aphids,gnats,whiteflies and thrips are most common stubborn pests in the farm .They weaken the target plant by sucking nutrients . Continous use of pesticides against them is costly as they gain resistant bodies to chemicals devastating more plants in the farm. You don't need to worry no more as we gonna soak handful of dried tobacco in garron of water.

But why use tobacco as pesticide?Tobacco also known as nicotiana tabacum is a cigarette making ingredient. The parent plant has thick hairy leaves and seeds .Nicotene chemical component present is a poison to pests and addictive element in cigarette.

How to make the pesticide and use it ; soak tobacco in water for 45 minutes and spray the water mixture in pest invested plants in your farm . Advantage in use of tobacco water is environmental friendly ,spares useful insects like bees,ladybirds and ants. In addition intercropping the plant keeps pest away with it's repellant effects.

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