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4 Creatures that mourn just like human being when the beloved one die

Death is unplanned occasion that can happen anytime without anyone awearness. If you have experienced the death of believed one, you understand the feeling of grief that fall on you when it happens. The same thing happens to several spices of animals.


Elephant is the most civilized animal, that live in society with their culture , self-medicate of plant and they also protect themselves.They are intellectual animals such that when one of their own dies, they become extremely upset.

Upon by seeing the bones and carcass of other elephant, the family will start investigateing them while covering their mouth with grass no matter wether they are related to the group or not. This animals as got emotional effects when unusual thing happens to them.

2. Chimpanzee

Chimbazees are our closest related relatives, so it might not come be shocking that they have similar emotions to our own. Sometimes chimpanzees seems to be so curious on their sight of the dead.Chinmpazees becomes so depressed at the death of the mother or the closest relative.


When a female giraffe lose newborn, it rarely spend time alone and the animal hardly ever splay their legs unless to eat or drink. This shows that they do spare time to muorn and recognize the deceased.

4. Dolphin

Just like terrestrial animals does, on several occasions dolphin have been seen guarding their dead. This proves that they value their life ,just like we human being does.

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Chimbazees Chimpanzee


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