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The Only Country In The World With No Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are very popular insects.Mostly made famous due to the ability to transmit malaria.Malaria is a dangerous disease usually transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito.

 Mosquitoes remain a serious Crisis in several parts of the world Which has put governments and NGO's in pressure to find how to control them.This has led to inventions such as the mosquito nets for protection against mosquito bites which are irritating.

Surprisingly Iceland has no mosquitoes.Theories suggest that this may be due to the chemical composition of soil and water of the country.Apparently mosquitoes cannot tolerate them.

This makes Iceland the only country in the globe which has no mosquitoes.The European country is very unique and that makes everyone admire to visit it and atleast have a day away from the small and irritating insects.

This is not the case as with countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.The two countries in Asia have high population of mosquitoes.This is due to the supportive environment for mosquito breeding and survival.

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