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5 of The Most Weird Foods in Kenya Consumed by Luo, Mijikenda and Luhya Communities

1. Rats

The Mijikenda's of Kenya take rodents as food. According to "Allafrica", a Giriama folklore believed that mice is very addictive and that once you taste it, you will always be thinking about it.

2. Monkey

The Tiriki community in Western Kenya eat the monkeys not only for filling their stomachs but also for medical purposes like curing importance and helping ease back ache.

3. Termites and Grasshoppers

The two are eaten by the Luo and "Luhya" community. Though termites are specific, there are ones that usually appears when it rains. These are the ones that are edible. However, it's worth pointing out that termites' jaws are seriously strong, so its best to either bite their heads off quickly or stir-fry them.

4. "Mopane"

These are sluggish caterpillars that are as colourful as they are delicious. They are eaten as food by the Mijikenda communities.

Meanwhile, as we look into our cultures, let us also remember to wash our hands with soap, sanitize, put on our face masks and practice social distancing.

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