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Pastoralists Threaten to Refuse Receiving Humanitarian Aid as Drought Ravages Lamu


Pastoralists in Lamu County have threatened to refuse receiving any form of humanitarian aid if their livestock are not considered for such assistance.

This follows an ongoing scenario where livestock deaths caused by the ravaging drought in Lamu are witnessed.

Areas worst affected by the drought and where livestock deaths, mostly cattle have been recorded in huge numbers include Dide Waride, Nagelle, Kitumbini, Moa, Pangani, Lumshi and surrounding areas.

Speaking to Opera News Hub on Friday, Pastoralist Community Spokesperson Khalif Hirbae expressed disappointment with the fact that the devolved unit has been concentrating only on relief food distribution for humans only while the animals are left at their own mercy.

So far more than 1000 cattle have died since the drought spell began in Lamu County.

Mr Hirbae said there is urgent need for the devolved unit and other well-wishers to also consider providing animals feeds to curb further deaths and losses.

He expressed worry that if urgent interventions are not taken to provide animal feeds, the pastoralists will be left with nothing.

He warned that if their plea to be helped with the animal feeds is not considered, then they will desist from receiving any form of relief aid intended for humans.

“They can’t concentrate on providing human beings with maize flour and leave our livestock dying just like that. The losses we are incurring as a result of deaths caused by drought are unbearable.  We need them to do something or else, we will also refuse receiving help from them until they consider our request to provide animals feeds as well,” said Mr Hirbae.

Suleiman Abdulrahman said it is better they die together with their animals rather than being saved while their livestock left to die.

“We have seen other counties providing animal feeds for pastoralists. I am surprised that in Lamu, nothing like that is happening. We have requested by our plea has always been falling in deaf ears. They should consider providing animals feeds or they stop distributing the humanitarian aid altogether,” said Mr Abdulrahman.

The pastoralists have also urged the government to consider compensating all the pastoralists whose cattle have died of drought.

“You can imagine a single livestock keeper losing over 100 cattle in his boma. You can imagine the stress such a herder is undergoing. The only consolation such livestock keepers can get is compensation,” said Bulo Athman.


Content created and supplied by: MwagungaThoya (via Opera News )

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