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What You Must Do Inorder to Drill a Reliable Borehole.

Boreholes are major source of water mainly in semi arid areas due to absence of permanent rivers and availability of piped water networks. Boreholes can provide enough water for both domestic and irrigation purpose. Inorder to Drill a reliable boreholes there are several factors you must put into consideration.

Geological survey is very important before the actual drilling process. This helps to find the best area of drill and the nearest water table. It also assists in knowing the characteristics of soil, the mineral in water whether they are safe for human consumption or not. Geological survey also helps the planner to estimate the actual cost of drilling basing argument on the depth of water table, characteristics of soil and machine power needed for the work.

The survey report is always presented to environmental and water agencies for approval of borehole drilling. It's always very important to ensure you acquire a powerful pumping machine for your borehole to ensure continuous flow of water through out.

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