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Rare GMO Chicken Being Reared By Israeli Farmers (Photos)

Read and see photos below:

Researchers in Israel have developed a prototype chicken without feathers or skin, allowing it to be healthier, grow quicker, make less waste, and adapt to warmer climates. Considering there would be no feather production, there would be no wasteful disposal of feathers.

Modern layers have had extensive genetic engineering done to them to help them lay 300 or more eggs per year, but their wild progenitors likely did not lay more than a dozen eggs per year.

In comparison to the average weight of a meat chicken 60 years ago, today's chickens weigh in at around three kilograms. Unlike birds from the 1950s, which could take up to fifteen weeks to mature, these young adults are ready to fly the coop in just six.

To put it simply, these hens have been genetically modified so that their eggs now include human proteins. That way, their offspring would have more protein in their systems from the start, they altered their DNA.

Herceptin and Avastin, two protein-based cancer medicines, can be useful when standard treatments have not worked. This helps the body's immune system and mends injured tissues. Chickens with human DNA spliced into them are used.


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