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The Hyena That Walks With Two Legs After 2 Of It's Legs Became Dysfunctional.

Hyenas are one of the most popular wild animals. Hyenas are widely known because they are scavengers. Scavengers are animals which feed on dead animals. These animals are important in completing the life cycle. However in case of rare food, hyenas tend to become hunters and will feed on live prey. Hyenas are also known for the ability of Mimicking Human laughter.

One of the biggest enemy of the hyenas is the lion. Lions tend to kill hyenas because they see them as a nuisance.

One hyena was lucky to survive after an encounter with lions. This hyena almost lost its life. The Hyena is said to have had a narrow escape. This is because the Hyena was severely attacked by a lion and the lion left the spinal cord of the Hyena damaged. This made the Hyena's lower body to be paralyzed. Currently the Hyena walks on two legs. See Screenshots of the Tik Tok Wild page below.

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