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'See The Tribe That Worship Cows, Treat Them Like Human Beings, They Do Not Eat Their Meat (Photos)

Read and see photos below;

The images were taken in the countryside of Terekeka, 53 miles north of Juba. The photos depict the Mundari tribe of South Sudan, who revere cows as equals and whose lifestyle revolves around cattle and cattle-herding. 

The tribe has a close bond with livestock, according to photographer Roberto Pazzi, 46, and each member has an estimated 10-12 cows. "They have a strong affinity with animals. Nothing matters more than the animals," he stated.

They eat and drink milk, pee, and dung, but never meat. They "worship" cows, but not in the way that ancient Egyptians did. It's an interconnection with nature that could teach the first world something as well.

The tribe uses excrement to keep mosquitos away from themselves and their cows. Early in the morning, the children collect fresh manure to pile. The excrement is then combined with dust to make it dry. Then they pile it all around the camp and set it on fire. The smoke that comes out is utilised to keep mosquitos at bay.

They imitate the horns of their bulls by raising their arms to the sky when they want to send a strong image. "It's like a symbiotic relationship with a feeling between humans and cattle that goes above and beyond normal animal management," the photographer confirmed. "The herd is their pride," the photographer concluded.

Below are some of their photos;

What are your thoughts on this tribe?

Do you think it is right to worship cows and treat them as human beings?

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