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What It Exactly Means When You See The Male Chicken Dancing Around The Female One

Male chicken commonly called the roosters have funny behaviors that could make someone laugh when around them. Their modes of walking and pecking also changes when around a female chicken. Have you ever noticed a rooster behaving in a manner likely to suggest that it's dancing next to a hen, this is what the action means.

It's a way of attracting their mates by moving in such a manner. They are trying to seduce the female chicken to come closer to them. The behavior is called wing drag. The rooster will stick the wings exactly downwards theb move around the hen in a romantic way.

Once tye rooster has traced a female one. It will try and look attractive to it by courtly dancing around it. The female could be interested then the two would come together. The rooster will come close, feed, follow and make it feel as if it's the only one.

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