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What Snake Venom Does To Your Eyes And What You Should Do To Save Your Eyesight If You Are Spat At

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Not all snakes are venomous, others are harmless and only target rats. When it comes to spitting, there is only one snake that is common and that is the spitting cobra.

When it is threatened or feels there is danger around, its spits by squeezing its venom glands and pushing the poisonous venom through two holes on the fangs.

The spitting cobra is so powerful that it can launch its poisonous spit up to 8 feet targeting the eyes of even a tall person.

In Kenya, the spitting cobra is found in the Eastern regions and wester region especially in the forested areas.

Many people who get spat at by the cobra, often lose their sight because they have no idea of the kind of fast aid that should be done once the snake spits on your face.

The spit results in pain, conjunctival inflammation and leads to blindness if not treated earlier enough.

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If a snake spits on you, do the following quickly and you might save your eyesight.

1. Wash your eyes with large volumes of water and milk. Milk and water helps in reducing the effects of the poison on the eyes, if done quickly it can reduce the effect on the eyes.

2. Look for antibiotics as you rush to see a doctor.

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