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How To Treat A Bee or Wasp Sting At Home To Avoid Swelling

The unexpected encounter with a wasp or a bee is so stinging and could lead to unbearable pain and swelling. But before we get into the pain and swelling; did you know that there is a type of bee known as the honey bee and once it stings someone, it's stinger gets stuck on the skin and the bee eventually dies? Unlike the honey bee which only stings once, a wasp can sting it's victim over and over again during a single attack.

Now, let's get into home remedies you can use to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling caused by a bee or wasp stings:


Apply toothpaste on the affected area sparingly and cautiously. You don't want to be too rough on an area that just got stung. The toothpaste is quite effective to both a wasp and a bee sting. It will offer relief.

2. APPLYING ICE on the affected area provides mild coolness. Once you get stung, you start to feel an unexplainable burning sensation and applying ice to it may offer some type of coolness.


Over the counter pain relievers can be helpful if the pain is causing you serious discomfort. You may also take some anti-allergies pills to avoid swelling.

All these at home treatments should be done after removing the stinger from your skin, if you got stung by a bee.

NOTE: If you are allergic, you should go the hospital immediately. A sting can be fatal to allergic persons.


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