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How I made 200K from Tortoise Farming

Money is money! Pesa ni pesa!

Despite Kenyan economy being tough, any source of income is legit as long as its legit. Many people especially from Kitui has been making a lot of cash from Tortoise rearing despite many would shun away from the idea of tortoise farming.

I come across one farmer from Kitui who explained how he made millions of money for this farming. He said that, climatic conditions for rearing tortoises is mostly warm, dry habitat. They have an habit of burrowing for shelter.

He also said, he started with only 20 tortoises of Leopard species and now he has over 2500 tortoises of leopard and pancake species on his farm.

He described that, Leopard tortoises are round and large while Pancake tortoises are flat thinned with a flexible shell. He further said that tortoises love to feed on high fiber hay, leafy greens and vegetables. Food and water are provided daily to them.

He exports them to the USA, Germany and China where he in return gets a lot of money.

Approximately, a nine inches long tortoise can fetch between$15 to $45 depending on the market price and dynamics. Price fluctuating and brokers have crippled the business.

Roughly, he makes about $100000 per sale of his tortoise stock.

By Dominique Lao

Content created and supplied by: DominiqueLao (via Opera News )

Kenyan Kitui Leopard Pancake Tortoise Farming


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