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Did you know that a Cockroach (Mende) can infect you with a disease?

Cockroaches are well known with dirt and poor hygiene.Their feeding and nesting habits mean they can easily ingest and carry a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms including fungi,bacteria and viruses.This can contaminate food and surfaces causing illness.

Cockroaches spread diseases through various ways such as through their droppings and saliva.Due to their unsanitary eating habits,they can pass harmful pathogens through their droppings.When a Cockroach eats somet contaminated,the organism will enter and may lay dormant in their digestive system.The pathogen will then be excreted in cockroach droppings which can contaminate surfaces and food.Cockroach saliva is also responsible for spreading a range of diseases.Saliva can harbor pathogens accumulated from eating contaminated items.

You can catch diseases from a Cockroach in a range of different ways.Some of this ways include eating and drinking contaminated food, touching contaminated items and inhaling contaminated air.Its advisable to cover your food well especially overnight as this is the high time they get on the ground.Some of the diseases that we may get from cockroaches include;Typhoid,cholera, sleeping sickness among others.We can prevent them from spreading diseases by following proper hygiene, sealing the gaps that may be the entry points to your house and doing thorough cleaning on regular basis.

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