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Flying Toilets in Kenyan Slums

In Kenya, low-income citizens stay in slums. It is quite rare to find clean latrines or toilets in these places lest you visit houses which at least have been built well. Most of these houses are built using old iron sheets and to make matters worse, some of the houses are made of mud.

Kenyans who travel from the countryside often go to these places as their initial places of residence. The most shocking thing a part from dirty water flowing everywhere and poorly built houses, these places at times lack proper latrines. The available ones may be accessed through paying money. Only these may be maintained to high sanitary standards.

People may not afford these toilets due to poor standards of living. Therefore some of them resort to use carrier bags as toilets, then later dump them around or even throw them towards any direction. Unlucky passer-by tend to e victims of the 'flying toilets' whenever they fall back to the ground.

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