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Snakes Don't Smell, They Stick Their Tongue Out

Snakes have nostrils but they don't use them for smelling, you might probably be wondering what then do they do with their nose. The answer is simple, just like any other living animal, they need a heathy amount of oxygen in order to survive. Snakes stick their forked tongues out when smelling. All smells are unique and are made of tiny molecules which cannot be deciphered by a naked eye.

This applies for all animals, their smells are made up of completely unique molecules. When snakes stick their tongues out, they collect molecules then they use the upper part of their mouth to identify the smell. That upper part of the mouth is called Jacobson's organ and without it snakes will not be able to smell.

Sense of smell is imporntant as it allows snakes to identify the location of their preys and predators. Without sense of smell, they will become vulnerable which will make their survival hard. Do not forget to Share this knowledge with friends.

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