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MIRACLE OR MAGIC? The Two Water Bodies That Meet But Don't Mix.

Rivers normally meet and mix, but when they meet without mixing, they create an outstanding environmental display that looks like an art signed by nature.

The muddy Yangtze river meets the clear Han river in central China's Hubei province, creating a clear boundary along their confluence with a distinct yellow and green.

It's believed that the difference in water density, pollution and other factors cause these two rivers not to mix up.

Also the 2 largest oceans in the world ie Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean that meet at the Southernmost tip of the end of South America (Cape Horn) exhibit this strange phenomenon.

The waters of the Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean refuses to mix. What is even more spectacular is that the border between these two oceans looks like a line between two worlds.

The darker Pacific waters stands next to the lighter Atlantic waters, and it looks absolutely astonishing as this boundary continues for up to 800 Kilometers, which is known as The Drake Passage.

Some People consider this phenomenon as a miracle while others say that it is magic.

Content created and supplied by: Collo_seska (via Opera News )

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