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5 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World.

1. Emerald Green Pit Viper.

This intensely green venomous snake has bright markings with males having red eyes with red and white stripes while females have yellow eyes and stripes that are mostly white.

2. Blue Malaysian Coral Snake.

The blue Malaysian Coral snake grows to about 5 feet and lives on a diet of other snakes, including others of its own kind. This poisonous reptile is active mostly at night when it can be fairly aggressive while remaining rather timid until the sun goes down.

3. Brazilian Rainbow Boa.

The Brazilian Rainbow Boa is one of nature's most beautiful snakes. It is found mainly in the Amazon Basin,this snake feeds mostly on small rodents and birds.

4. Northern Scarlet Snake.

The northern Scarlet Snake is found in the southern and eastern United States . Often burrowing in open forest areas or developed agricultural areas and spends most of it's time hidden.

5.King Cobra.

King Cobra is the world's longest venomous snake. Averaging around 12 feet but topping out at over 18 feet,the King Cobra is still the most dangerous Asiatic snake, delivering a potential amount of venom in single bite.

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