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Animals That Takes The Longest Time To Carry Pregnancy

The word contains some different species of animals with different guestation periods. The guestation period will be determined by the size of the species, like an elephant takes the longest time untill the young one matures and get ready to be born, Elephants takes the longest time because the offspring develops slowly due to its large size

The geeraff is also another animal that takes the longest time to get fertiled and the offspring to mature and be given birth. Development of a giraffe while still unborn takes long because of some diffrent parts like long neck and legs that enables the girraffes servive in the eco system.

Manateese are also among the species that takes the longest time to carry their pregnancies untill their unborn babies get ready and matures for birththe manatees, they give birth to a very fertiled offspring that already knows how to hunt food and feed it self. It only inquires protection from the parent during the times of danger from other predators.

The komodo dragons, they are reptiles which are cartegorised among the world animals that takes the longest time to produce their young ones. The komodo dragons are also concidered very dangerous because of the venom glands located in their teeth.

There are many other animals with diffrent gestation periods all round the world.please like, share and comment on my articles for more intredting stories.

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