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Why Baboons Steal Lion Cubs!

Baboons are members of the largest primate family, Old World monkeys, and are both large and strong. They are also territorial and can be aggressive: It’s not unusual for baboons to kill the young of much larger animals like big cats or babies within their own troop.

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, a baboon was spotted stealing a lion's cub and took it up a tree and began grooming it. Though the age of the cub is not known, the area the encounter happened is known to be somewhere lion and cheetah moms hide their newborn cubs amongst the hills and boulders while they go off to hunt.

Baboons usually take lion cubs as their own. Whenever they encounter a lost or even steal a lion cub they take them to be their own and treat them as their own. They carry it from tree to tree as if to teach them their ways of life.

However, we find that lions usually eat baboons and it is always impossible for these primates to beat such predator but we will also mention that baboons formidable canine teeth, which at 5 centimeters long are longer than lion's, meaning that they are equally capable of tearing adult leopards apart, hence, most of the time you find baboons stealing lions cubs is to try and level this threat, for sure this is wildlife, as it is. However, it usually doesn't end well with the cub as it may end up dead.

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