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Why male mosquitoes do not bite

Human beings and mosquitoes have never been friends and their enemity doesn't seem to end anytime soon.This is due to the fact that female mosquitoes will always humans whenever they feel like.Things even got worse in 1880 after it was discovered by a military hospital in Algeria that they not only bite people to suck their blood but also spread dangerous and deadly malaria to them.Malaria has been a global pandemic for many years. In 2019,more than 400,000 lives were lost according world Health Organization . Although many perceive mosquitoes to be dangerous, only female mosquitoes bite.This is because they suck human blood to enable them lay eggs.Male mosquitoes don't lay eggs hence they don't need human blood.They get their food from nectars and other plant juices for survival.Male mosquitoes therefore don't bite simply because they don't have the ability to lay eggs compared to their female counterparts.Its always necessary to avoid mosquito bites since they cause suffering and may lead to death.

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