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Zebras are roaming around in Narok town and eating crops of the residents KWS should address this.

The people of Narok town are in fear of the rising numbers of wild animals in the town and the nearing areas. The animals particularly Zebras have brought more distraction and cries from the people. Their crops particularly maize, have been destroyed. It is good to remember that Narok is a semi arid region. This means that farmers crops always grow to maturity only by luck since there is not always sufficient rainfall levels to sustain the crops.

Below are the sample pictures of the zebras walking and having nothing to eat except that wastes from nearby plots and homesteads.

Personally, I think the main reason for the animals to walk around the town is because they have nothing or little to eat in their habitats. The Kenya wildlife commission should come to the rescue of this beautiful animals. It is evidently clear that this Zebras are now an endangered species. Poachers in Narok now have an opportunity to to exploit these animals since the Kenya Wildlife Service in not there to stand for them and protect them.

Zebras come from the same family as the donkeys but they are from different classes. Just link their other family of donkeys, these animals are always mistreated and no much attention is given to their needs. Kenya has animal rights and I urge the KWS and us Kenyan in general to protect this animals for the future generations.

The white rhinos were not put into consideration not long ago and right now there are only few of them left in the world and specifically in our country Kenya. The Kenya wildlife service should thus exercise its powers and put measures to conserve the habitats of these special zebras. Zebras attract a lot of tourists to the country who bring in foreign exchange boosting the country's economic state.

My readers let us share this news to every media site so that the animals rights can be observed. The Kenya wildlife service should also pull up their socks. The government always finance them to do their talks and if they are failing to deliver it is the poor Kenyan citizen money going to waste. Thank you for reading my article. Follow me for more updates.

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Kenya Narok Zebras


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